Quick talk - two cool smart electric new cars, unveiling the veil of Chang'an Automobile Science and technology transformation

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quick talk cool smart electric

How does Chang'an understand ecology ?

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In my heart , Changan automobile , There are two images . One side is red now , One side is the hazy future .

This year, 1-7 month , The cumulative sales volume of Chang'an Automobile Group exceeds 137 Ten thousand units , Chinese brands are absolutely dominant , The cumulative sales volume exceeds one million . A while ago ,UNI The series unveiled the third model UNI-V, Just by their looks, they have captured a large number of consumers , In the eyes of many people , Changan Automobile is a domestic product .

But everyone knows , At present, Changan Automobile mainly relies on fuel vehicles to support this proud number , about “ New four modernizations ” The future pattern under the tide , Although it has a layout , But always mysterious and hazy .8 month 23 Japan ,2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo was held in Chongqing ; Against this background ,8 month 24 Japan , Changan Automobile held a conference on science and technology ecology . At this conference , Changan Automobile has responded to various expectations from all walks of life , Released the beautiful pictures and relevant information of two new cars , Attracted the attention of the industry .

C385 and E11 coming

C385 It's the product code , The information about this car has been circulating for a long time , Since this year, 6 Since June, the exposure has increased significantly , As the first strategic model of the new special electric vehicle platform , Chang'an automobile didn't cover up this time , Directly released a multi angle beautiful picture .

Positioned in cross-border cars ,C385 In addition to the cutting-edge appearance , Nature contains some intelligent high technology , At present, there are several official information points : carrying APA7.0 Remote valet parking system , It has the world's first electric drive high-frequency pulse heating technology ,-30℃ It can also be realized in extremely cold environment 5 Minutes heating 20℃, It can improve the range in the cold environment in winter .

The riders who care about Chang'an Automobile should have heard “ Avita Technology ”, It was founded on 2018 year ( Formerly known as Chang'an Weilai New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd , This year, 5 The renaming was completed in January ), Just completed the capital increase and share expansion two days ago , Industry insiders also see this as an opportunity for Huawei and Ningde to enter the era . According to the statement of Chang'an Automobile ,“ Avita technology will be fully market-oriented , Operate independently , Independent development , With Chang'an automobile 、 Huawei 、 Ningde times joins hands to create a global leader 、 Autonomous and controllable intelligent electric networked vehicle platform (CHN).”

At this conference , Avita technology released the first high-end intelligent electric vehicle SUV, Code name E11, However, only some partial shapes have been published . One thing is certain , The new car will be equipped with Huawei HI(Huawei Inside) Full stack intelligent vehicle solutions and the latest Electrification Technology of Ningde era —— at present , It has entered the whole vehicle commissioning stage , It will appear at the end of this year . Avita technology's new medium and high-end intelligent electric brand , Will be in 2021 Heavy release at the end of the year .

It's not slow , It's a lot of money

In terms of current market performance and communication volume , Among several traditional automobile enterprises , SAIC and GAC have revealed their ambitions in the field of smart cars , FAW and Dongfeng Motor are different ways , One is to rely on the Red Flag brand for innovation , The other is on display “ Haze map ”. therefore , There has always been an evaluation in the industry , I think Changan Automobile's new energy transformation is slow . Really? ?

At this conference on science and technology ecology , Chang'an automobile has spent a lot of time expounding its views on the current reform of the automobile industry , among , Xiaobian specially recognized “ Mixed cross race ” That's what I'm saying . The competition pattern in the eyes of Chang'an automobile is not only aimed at the new forces of car making , It also includes Internet technology enterprises . But everyone knows , There is competition , More cooperation . thus , We can better understand Chang'an 、 Huawei and Ningde times work together to build CHN platform , Why is it an industry event , It may open a new mode .

On top of this underlying logic , You will find that Changan Automobile should do the same preparation , It will never become a foundry for science and technology enterprises , It itself will become a technology enterprise . In the field of intelligence and new energy , Chang'an has mastered 500 The remaining key technologies ,48 Item is the first in China . The third start-up - In the innovation plan “ Smart low carbon travel technology company ”、“ shangri-la ”、“ Beidou Tianshu ” Three directions , Changan Automobile has made many layout attempts .

Near future , You will pass C385 and E11 The intelligent cockpit or endurance experience of Changan Automobile feels the profound accumulation of Changan Automobile at the technical level , I'm afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg of Chang'an Automobile Technology Transformation —— In the new car building mode , How to work with many co creators “ symbiosis 、 Co prosperity 、 share 、 win-win ”, It is the philosophy that Changan Automobile is thinking about .

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