Deep evaluation of FF plan for large-scale recruitment, Jia Yueting's car dream is moving and can be expected?

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deep evaluation ff plan large-scale

Watch it change

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In recent days, ,FF Announced this year 7 After the completion of the merger transaction in January , Plan for the future 12 Greatly expand the number of employees within three months , The new recruitment will help FF stay 2022 , launched in FF91. It is worth mentioning that , Except Los Angeles headquarters 、 Silicon Valley Office and Hanford FF91 Outside the production plant ,FF It will also recruit key positions for China business , To prepare for delivery in the Chinese market FF product . and , at present FF91 The mass production version has been scheduled , The deposit is 2-5 Ten thousand yuan , And support full refund of the deposit before signing the sales contract .

This is not FF First recruitment , As early as 2017 Jia Yueting was founded in FF When the company , A large-scale recruitment was carried out . at that time , Its official account for WeChat has launched five recruitment notices , Working locations are mainly in Beijing and Shanghai . The position involves chassis 、 Electronics 、 Body interior and exterior decoration 、 Vehicle control 、 Vehicle integration 、 Electric drive and charging 、 Battery system 、 Trial production test and other related professional engineers , It also includes manpower 、 financial 、 Government affairs 、 law 、 Administration, etc .

Again , This is not FF Open the reservation for the first time , It's not the first time that the news of mass production came out . stay CES 2017 Exhibition on , Faraday, invested by LETV, released the first mass-produced electric vehicle FF91, And open the reservation on Faraday China's official website ,2018 In the delivery .

It's just , All the promises have not been fulfilled . Time flows to 2021 year , Faraday once again publicly stated that he would recruit on a large scale , And 2022 Mass production is about to be realized in . This time the wolf came , Or will it really come true ?

FF Its car

As Faraday's first mass production car , Whether it's the past or the present ,FF91 Are the most important news points . you 're right ,FF91 It's Faraday from 2017 Up to now, we are trying our best to strive for mass production models . As early as 2017 Beginning of the year ,FF Just released the first concept electric vehicle FF91, However, mass production of automobiles has not yet been realized .

FF91 What kind of car ? According to legend , It has absolute competitiveness , You can cross the wrist with luxury cars such as Maybach .

What kind of car is it ? Overturn the traditional car . Whether it's the exterior or the interior , Whether intelligent or electric , Are different . In short ,FF91 It's a pure tram , Visually look 、 The interior is different from other cars , In terms of power, the technology is different from other cars .

On modelling , It's hard to define whether this is a car 、 The sports car 、SUV、 still MPV Crossover . In terms of appearance ,FF91 It does have a sense of future , Smooth body lines 、 Two color body 、 Elements such as the through light band give this car a good fashion .

On the interior , It's also different . The changes of a car are most easily seen from the appearance and interior ,FF91 The interior of the has a different design . The interior is designed in contrasting colors , It has a large LCD screen 、 A large area of cortical wrapping and other elements . and , It is said that FF91 Up to... Are integrated in the car 11 A smart screen , It can be realized “ The speed of light ” network connections , Comprehensive coverage of vehicle handling 、 office 、 Entertainment and other functions , Equipped with in car video conference system 、 Face recognition 、 Multi finger blind control and other technologies .

In terms of motivation ,FF91 The maximum power of the mounted drive motor can reach 1050 horsepower , Peak torque reach 1800N·m, It takes only 2.39 second . The new car is equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 130kWh,NEDC The range is 700km above . Technical aspects , Submerged liquid battery cooling technology is adopted .

FF Its matter

Over the years , and FF Everything related is like riding a roller coaster , One wave rises after another , And ups and downs .

Faraday future was founded in by Jia Yueting, founder of LETV 2014 year , Headquartered in Los Angeles, California .

2016 year 11 month , LETV ecological crisis broke out .2017 year , Jia Yueting was deeply involved in the debt crisis and left the United States . Since then , It seems that Faraday's dream of building a car is gone . When the ideal of the same period 、 Wei to 、 After Xiaopeng has mass production ,FF And back to the public view .

2019 year , The company was restructured . As part of the restructuring plan , Jia Yueting quit CEO position , As chief product and user Officer , And yuanbaiteng CEO Bifukang takes over Faraday's future CEO The position of .

2021 year 7 month 20 Japan ,PSAC At a special session , All its proposals related to the proposed merger transaction between Faraday in the future have been approved by the shareholders .

7 month 22 Japan ,FF And PSAC The merger was officially listed on NASDAQ .FF expect , When the business merger is completed, about 10 Billion dollars .

only 1 Months later, , The media say Faraday is in the future 12 Large scale recruitment will be carried out in the next month , help FF91 Early mass production .

at present , The car has been launched in three versions , The first version is “Futurist Alliance Edition”, It is only open to a very small number of spire users in the world , And only limited to 300 platform ; The second version is “FF 91 Futurist”, According to overseas media Statistics , The harvest is near 14000 Order ; The third version is  FF91 Standard Edition , I haven't opened the reservation on the official website yet .

How about the pre-sale effect of this car ? since 7 month 22 After the start of day reservation , The global set limit to 300 The first model version of Taiwan “Futurist Alliance Edition” As of Los Angeles time 7 month 24 It was sold out in the morning .

An uncertain future

It's NASDAQ ringing the bell again , Start the pre-sale of new cars again , look , Faraday seems to have a future “ Dead trees come back to spring ” The phenomenon of . It's just that the situation doesn't seem so optimistic , Everything is still changing . If an automobile enterprise wants to run normally , We should have excellent products , And enough money .

From a financial point of view . Listing on NASDAQ does not mean that the enterprise has succeeded , It's just a step for the enterprise . First day of listing , Faraday's future (FFIE) The share price shows “ Roller Coaster ” Like a trend . First, the opening quotation 16.8 dollar , Higher than the issue price 13.78 dollar . Then after the start of trading , The share price fell directly below the issue price .

and , as everyone knows , Faraday will burn money quickly in the future . That year , Even Xu Jiayin, who was rich and powerful, invested in Jia Yueting several times . Now , Despite the money , But the stock market is changing , Chengye stock market , Losing the stock market .

From a product point of view .FF91 Just the first mass production car . Even if this car is successfully mass produced , It doesn't mean Faraday is on the right track in the future . According to the FF This announcement , future 5 year ,FF Of B2C Passenger car planning will include FF91 series 、FF81 Series and FF71 series . And these cars are just under development , There is no sign of mass production .

At the end

As a former media man , Jia Yueting is also the representative of media and excellent cars . It's just , Relative Wei Lai and ideal , Faraday's road to making cars seems more difficult . Everyone has a dream , Someone succeeded in , No one . But whatever the outcome , We should not laugh at a person who keeps working hard for his dream .

If it becomes , We applaud .

If not , We don't belittle .

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