"Korean Trend 467" the registered number of new energy vehicles in Korea exceeds 1 million, with the most hybrid vehicles

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For the first time, the number of environmentally friendly cars registered in South Korea exceeded 100 Thousands of cars .

Ministry of land and transportation of Korea 25 Daily announcement , By the end of this year 7 month , Cumulative registration of environmentally friendly vehicles 100 Thousands of cars . The number of registered environmentally friendly vehicles accounts for about... Of the total number of registered vehicles 4.1%.

Although the proportion of environmentally friendly vehicles registered is still low , But it's growing very fast . 2014 The annual number of environmentally friendly cars is only 142297 car , But the number of environmentally friendly cars is increasing year by year , By the end of last year, it had reached 82329 car . This year, ,7 Increased... Within months 183,210 platform , exceed 100 Ten thousand units .

By fuel , The proportion of hybrid system is the highest , by 808,808 car (80.4%). Next to that is 189,66 An electric car (18.0%) and 15,765 A hydrogen car (1.6%).

Especially under the government's efforts to expand the supply of environmentally friendly vehicles and the high attention of the public , The number of electric vehicles is higher than 2019 end of the year (89,918 car ) It's doubled . The Ministry of land, resources and transportation expects , The number of registered electric vehicles this year will exceed 22 Thousands of cars . By region , Seoul 、 Gyeonggi do and Jeju Island jointly registered electric vehicles 84,407 car , Of the total 46.6%. From the manufacturer's point of view , Modern cars (44.6%)、 kia (20.3%) And Tesla (14.8%) Has the highest market share .

Among the newly registered electric vehicles this year , modern porter electric (9793 car ) Account for the largest number of new electric vehicles . Next is Ioniq 5(8628 car )、 tesla Model 3(6291 car ) And Kia Bongo 3(6047 car ).

Among the owners of electric vehicles , Yes 70% Personal holdings and 30% Held by the company . In terms of individual purchase age ,40 How old (29.2%) most , The second is 50 How old (27.5%)、60 How old (19.4%) and 30 How old (16.6%).

Director of the automobile policy department of the Ministry of land and transportation of the Republic of Korea Kim Jeong-hee Express :“ With the increasing public attention to climate change and the government's carbon neutralization policy , The number of environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric vehicles is increasing . “ Cars and hydrogen cars are increasing rapidly , We will continue our efforts to provide statistics .”

meanwhile , By the end of this year 7 The total number of vehicles registered in the month is 2470 Thousands of cars , Than at the end of last year (2436.6 Thousands of cars ) Added 34 Thousands of cars (1.4%).

The national conditions of South Korea and China are very different , China is now vigorously promoting pure electric vehicles , There are not many hybrid electric vehicles , And the hybrid of oil and electricity is not a new energy vehicle . But South Korea is different , Because modern Kia studied Japan in its early years , So there are a lot of hybrid cars in Korea , We are familiar with Sonata , Elantra also has hybrid versions in Korea . So this is a very different place from China .

And young Chinese consumers generally buy more new energy vehicles , Especially like Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, tesla model 3 Such a model , Most of them are bought by young users . However, people in Korea who buy new energy vehicles are generally older ,30 The proportion of people who buy new energy vehicles in their twenties is only 16.6%.

What is different from China is , Korean local brands Hyundai Kia are very strong , These two brands know more about the local market , And the product competitiveness is also good , So Tesla can't beat Hyundai Kia in Korea , But Tesla is also in short supply in South Korea . But on the whole , Or modern Kia is stronger . However, Hyundai Kia's latest pure electric vehicle is not made in China , It's still a pity .

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