Shock! Can't afford to lose! 8000 a month, buy it without blinking! Santana vs Ruicheng CC

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shock afford lose month buy

The automobile industry and market are developing , Now you can buy one for more than 100000 “ Cheap and fine ” My car is gone , The model at this price is also the favorite product of car buyers now . The following recommended Santana and Ruicheng CC But two very typical cars , Those interested can learn more about . Don't talk much , Let's have a look .

models : Volkswagen Santana 2019 paragraph Ho Na 1.5L Automatic comfort plate countries VI

The guided :11.59 Ten thousand yuan

santana 2019 paragraph Ho Na 1.5L The automatic comfort version of China net uses a three banner design , Supplemented by many silver strips , Although the size is relatively small , But it looks very fashionable , Plus a simple front , Improved the grade of the whole vehicle .

The rear part , Santana looks sporty , The exhaust pipe adopts a hidden design , Plus fashionable tail lights , It looks very dynamic .

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