Challenging the ninja400 throne of Kawasaki, Honda CBR 400R is coming

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challenging ninja400 ninja throne kawasaki

Bring localization to Honda CB400F as well as CB400X Rear of both models , Honda, which has always been selling at a high price , The price of these two cars instantly smells a lot . Well, since CB500 Like the three brothers in the series , Products from different positions on the same platform , Now only the sports car is missing CBR400R 了 .

In fact, it has been heard frequently this year CBR400R There will also be news , Recently, there are Honda dealers in the new continent , Send... On a video platform , Honda CBR400R Accept scheduled messages .

For those already made in China CB400F、CB400X For Wuyang Honda and Xindazhou Honda , Same as platform CBR400R It's not difficult to join the production , Frame 、 The engine 、 Damping brake, etc , Even most of the car body is similar to CB400F It's universal , Just add a front surround 、 Replace the headlamp handle .

Now that two of the three brother models are in production ,CBR400R Just sooner or later . And both are 400 Level Kawasaki Ninja400 Since it went public , It has always been in short supply , And Yamaha R3 Over the years , Still delayed in listing and Issuing the selling price , Honda is naturally unwilling to let Ninja400 The only big family .

And in terms of price ,CBR400R If after localization , The price is quite advantageous . at present CB400F The price is 37000 element ,CB400X The price is 40700 element , according to 500 Series three brothers ,CBR400R It will also be in this price range , This will be a shock Ninja400 A sharp weapon of status .

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