The internal and external were improved slightly, and the official map of Lingke 03 + cyan customized version was released

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internal external improved slightly official

In recent days, , Lingke officially released Led the g 03+ Cyan Official drawing of customized model , The name of the new car is actually quite accurate , Since the car is still Lingke 03+ Customized version of , Instead of breaking all kinds of records and winning countless honors 03+ Cyan Customized version , It mainly upgrades the appearance and power by a small margin , With stronger performance .

As can be seen from the official picture , The overall appearance of the new car is similar to that of Lingke 03+ There is no obvious difference , It mainly modifies the details, color matching and other configurations , For example, eye-catching Cyan Large size English letters can be seen everywhere on the blue body painting , And the roof 、 Yellow decoration corresponding to the brake caliper at the rear view mirror cover, etc , And more radical black wheels , Large split tail wing at the rear , All add to the sense of battle .

And in the interior part , Although there are no official pictures , But it should also be with 03+ Almost the same , At link 03+ It has a more athletic performance on the basis of . And in the most important driving force , The new car is equipped with a newly adjusted 2.0T Drive-E T5 Maximum engine power 265 horsepower , Maximum torque 380 Cattle meters , Than the previous link 03+ Home has improved slightly , The match is still 8AT Gearbox and 4WD system , Speed up 100 kilometers to 5.7 second . If compared to the six national leaders 03+ Of course, the actual performance of has greatly evolved .

It may be due to cost reasons or problems in adjustment and capital , Lingke seems difficult to introduce Volvo directly T6 Double pressurization 2.0T Body engine , At present, Lingke 03+ Cyan The power of customized version has reached the extreme , Although the improvement is not great , But it also means that the price should not increase too much , How will it perform in the future , It's worth looking forward to .

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