Some cold knowledge about cars may be of great help at critical moments

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cold knowledge cars great help

As a driver , You should have a basic understanding of the functional structure of the car . The most basic understanding is the operation of various functions , For example, start the engine 、 Put in gear 、 Turn on the lights . This is what every driver should master . A little more advanced is about the car body structure 、 Have an understanding of the electrical system , Such drivers generally don't need to spend money when they encounter small problems or install other things , You can do it yourself . In reality, the second kind of car owners are relatively few , After all, a car can drive , We don't have to study the car so thoroughly . But today I want to share with you some cold knowledge related to cars , Mastering this knowledge does not require a professional foundation , Basically, you can understand at a glance , But it may help you a lot at the critical moment .1、 On the starter “ Standby power interface ” The battery is dead , The remote key cannot be unlocked , The mechanical key also happened to be broken , How to open the door at this time ? In general, many people have no way to , You can only find a repair shop or 4S Shop . In fact, there is a little trick that can easily solve the problem . That is to make an article on the starter .

Because the working current of the starter is very large , Therefore, the positive pole of the starter is directly connected to the positive pole of the battery with a thick wire . Therefore, when the battery is dead and the mechanical key fails, you can find the positive pole of the starter from the chassis , Then put the positive pole of the rescue battery on the positive pole of the starter , The negative pole is laid on the body iron sheet , In this way, the whole vehicle can be powered , Then press the remote control to unlock the door .2、 Understand the temper of the differential , Get out of trouble easily after getting stuck in the car

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