Equipped with 1-hour DC fast charging, SAIC GM Wuling Baojun Kiwi EV will be launched soon

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equipped 1-hour hour dc fast

In recent days, , Learned from Baojun official , A new car baojun KiWi EV Will be in 8 month 31 Official listing . Previously, the car had been pre sold , The pre-sale prices are 6.98 Million and $ 7.88 Ten thousand yuan .

aesthetic , The new car continues in appearance “ Interstellar geometry ” Design language , The front bumper part adopts a unique “ concave ” Shape design , Match with “ return ” Large zigzag daytime running lamp and vertical turn signal lamp , It makes the whole car look very sci-fi in the front face . The sides and rear of the body are filled with rounded rectangular elements , Science fiction is somewhat cute .

The interior , The new car is designed in two shades , The light color interior is matched with black and dark gray , The dark interior is matched with carbon black and rose gold , Make the car look like a rich light luxury atmosphere . Top of centre console 、 The inner side of the door panel is also added with special 3D Gradient woven texture trim , The layers are clear, very fashionable and avant-garde .

motivation , With a new car 40kW High efficiency motor , The maximum output torque is 150N·m. Besides ,KiWi EV The power system of the whole vehicle also adopts the rear drive arrangement .

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