Xu Jinglei rides a scooter in the park. At the age of 47, she wears shorts to show her legs. She doesn't hide her wrinkles. She is very young

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xu jinglei rides scooter park.

In fact, everyone's lifestyle is different , Maybe there are some stars in front of the public screen , They all look more intellectual , More elegant , But in fact, they are also more lively in private , Just like Xu Jinglei , This time she was playing scooters in the park , We all know that scooters are usually enjoyed by children , I didn't expect that she would play this kind of thing now , And I feel that she really looks more energetic , Now I'm old 47 Year old , And wear shorts to show your legs , And to be honest, she didn't hide her wrinkles , It looks like a pretty girl .

Xu Jinglei rides a scooter in the park ,47 Years old, wear shorts to show your legs , A girl who doesn't hide her wrinkles and looks special , At this time, you can see when taking photos , Maybe a little bit of skin grinding and beauty , Maybe it's because the light is too strong , So it seems a little vague

And she's wearing a blue short sleeve , There is a pair of shorts below , This pair of shorts really looks like the lower legs will look more obvious , Tell the truth , In fact, the wrinkles on her face are also more prominent , At least no cover up , But the state is still a girl .

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