Salute feelings! Jialing coco Pro has been upgraded in all aspects and its cost performance has been improved again

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salute feelings jialing coco pro

What kind of car can be called a divine car ? The Guinness Book of world records for motorcycle sales , Honda Super Cub Calculate or calculate ? From the measurement of sales volume alone , Honda's “ Super cubs ” It has been sealed , This sales volume has never been before , There will be no .

Someone will ask , Why can't such a powerful car be sold in the Chinese market ? Indeed, this car has never been introduced , This is also the regret of many motorcycle lovers . But it's similar “ Super cubs ” The appearance of the , It appeared on domestic models decades ago , After many years, it reappeared . This time it's called “ jialing coco”! The curved beam is the most affectionate one only made by Jialing , Because among all domestic motorcycle brands , Jialing has the most say in curved beam motorcycles . Look down if you don't believe it !

Maybe not many people remember ,1979 Year of 10 month 1 National Day ,5 Tai Jialing CJ50 The scene of curved beam motorcycle passing slowly on Tiananmen Square , At that time, this move caused a sensation all over the country . jialing CJ50 This should be the first motorcycle made in China , It was also the first curved beam motorcycle , From Honda PA50, Because of this car , Let Jialing and Honda finally reach a cooperation .

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