2021 smart Expo | Chang'an Automobile releases the first strategic model c385 in the tram field

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smart expo chang automobile releases

8 month 24 Japan ,2021 Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological conference was held in Chongqing , This conference revolves around “ New car New ecology ” Set up a product for the theme 、 user 、 New energy technology 、 Intelligent technology 、 Marketing services 、 Six summit forums including short distance smart Logistics , It reflects the comprehensive thinking of China's automobile industry on the future trend .

The first day of the conference , Changan Automobile released the enterprise “ New car New ecology ” development strategy , At the same time, the brand code of avita technology's high-end intelligent electric vehicle is released to the outside world for the first time E11 Our first product . At the same time, it also unveiled the first pure electric model of the new platform of Chang'an Automobile C385, It is reported that this new car will be launched in 2022 Listed in the second quarter of .

C385 The fashionable and personalized appearance design leads the style of sports science and Technology , It adopts the popular hatchback shape , At the same time, it integrates a large number of scientific and technological 、 Sporty design elements . When C385 When your lights are on , The design style of Lantern language is clear at a glance , This is C385 Of “ electric ” Eye pen , Visually, it's like a cheetah ready to go , stately .

C385 This new car also has two black technology blessings , Equipped with industry-leading intelligent technology configuration ,APA7.0 The long-distance unmanned valet parking system and the world's first electric drive high-frequency pulse heating technology have been endowed by Chang'an automobile , Thus, the multi-dimensional evolution of automobile value can be realized in all aspects .C385 Of APA7.0 Remote valet parking system , It solves the parking anxiety of users to the greatest extent , Realized “ Come as soon as you call , Swing away ” Exclusive parking lot “ Private driving ”.

meanwhile ,C385 Equipped with a new generation of super collector drive , This configuration uses high frequency pulse heating technology , Even in -30℃ In extreme cold , Can be realized 5 Minutes heating 20℃, So as to effectively improve the low-temperature driving performance of the tram , The designer also made it cooperate with waste heat recovery technology , Range increased 40-70KM, This is a good way to solve the anxiety of tram use in winter .

At the end : The Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological conference was held , It not only shows the public Changan Automobile's determination to comprehensively transform into an intelligent low-carbon travel technology company day and night , At the same time, it also highlights that in order to speed up the formation of “ New car + New ecology ” Industrial companies , Strategic determination to keep up with the world's top automobile enterprises , Over time C385 The listing of , With the excellent product power of Chang'an Automobile , And will once again become the focus of the market .

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