The car is full of sports? The highest discount of Guandao in the near future is RMB 2000, starting from RMB 218000

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car sports highest discount guandao

A car dealer in Zhaoqing recently announced The favorable market of Guandao in the region : At present, the highest discount for car purchase on Guandao 0.2 Ten thousand yuan ,21.80 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of the crown road .2020 The shape of the crown road is relatively stable , But compared with the old model, there are still some changes . The front face and the middle net are in the blackened pattern of three banners , The line of the air inlet grille position has also been fine tuned , whole LED The lamp adopts matrix design . The side design of the car adopts sharp lines , Windows and wheels are decorated with metal paint , A little wild . The rear design of crown road echoes with the front face , The tail lights on both sides are designed with a three-dimensional feeling , The exhaust pipe adopts a double-sided four out layout , It highlights a certain sense of movement . interiors , The central control style has a sense of hierarchy , The edges and corners of the interior lines are obvious , Very modern , The optimization of vehicle engine system is very good , It's easy to use , Addition of key block , It brings a stronger sense of science and technology to the car , The overall interior upholstery is quite luxurious . The crown road carries 2.0T Four cylinder turbocharged engine , The most powerful 272 horsepower , Peak torque 370N.m, matching 9 Self - contained gearbox , And meet the national six emissions , The dynamic response in the initial stage is more rapid . The feeling of turbine intervention is not abrupt , The release of power can be well matched with the depth of the driver pressing the accelerator pedal , Although it can't be like a naturally aspirated engine “ As you step on ”, But its response speed has also reached an excellent level . And the power reserve in the middle and rear section is still very sufficient , exceed 100km/h After the speed of , Press the accelerator pedal deeply , Still get good acceleration . In terms of configuration , Like kicking induction electric tailgates 、 Plasma air purification system and mobile phone wireless charging are equipped on the new car .

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