What are you waiting for? You don't have to breathe when you earn 8000 a month! Langyi vs boyue

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waiting don breathe earn month

For some consumers , The appearance of the car is for outsiders , The inner comfort configuration is to enjoy , A comfortable car can often effectively increase your sense of pleasure in the process of driving . When it comes to configuration, I have to mention Langyi and boyue . Let's take a look at its performance .

models : Volkswagen lavida 2019 paragraph The hatchback 200TSI Double clutch fashion version countries VI

The guided :13.09 Ten thousand yuan

lavida 2019 paragraph The hatchback 200TSI The front of the double clutch fashion version gives people a very simple feeling , The grid is designed with inverted trapezoid , With chrome trim , Improved the grade of the whole vehicle . The headlights show a sharp design style , Standard configuration LED Distance light .

The size of the car is 4541/1806/1488mm, The wheelbase is 2688mm, The side of the car looks quite stable , Use simple lines , No excessive line design , It looks very concise .

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