Real shooting of Cadillac, with 6.2L V8 engine! Appearance gives enough "face"!

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real shooting cadillac v8 engine

recently , Overseas media have exposed a new group of Real car map of Cadillac Carlyle , It is reported that , The new car has been officially put on sale in overseas markets , It is expected to enter the domestic market as an imported car by the end of the year . Kailaide is a full-size product of Cadillac SUV, Competing models mainly include Lincoln Navigator, etc .

aesthetic , The new car adopts Cadillac's latest family design language , From the front, it looks like “ Enlarged version ” Cadillac of XT6. The front face uses a dot matrix air inlet grille with exaggerated area , The visual impact is quite strong . The lamp sets on both sides are fashionable , Tearful LED Daytime running lights are highly recognizable . The side looks very slender , Keep the short front suspension + Long wheelbase body design , The rear window is equipped with privacy glass , Keep the car private . The rear of the car tends to be square , Highlight the mature and steady style , The slender rear tail lamp echoes with the front lamp group .

The interior , Cadillac Carlyle has optimized some details , The division of functional areas in the vehicle is reasonable , The centre console is slightly biased towards the driver's side . Some areas of the center armrest and the center control panel are decorated with wood grain trim panels , A sense of luxury . in addition , The new car continues to adopt the seat layout of three rows and seven seats .

motivation , New car carrying 3.0T V6 Turbocharged or 6.2L V8 Naturally aspirated engine , matching 10 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , And provide 4WD system .

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