The new Tiguan l starts from 215800, and the two-wheel drive R-line is recommended

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new tiguan starts two-wheel wheel

2022 paragraph View of path L It has been officially listed recently , A total of 6 models , Pricing for 21.58-28.18 Ten thousand yuan . New Tiguan L To cancel the 1.4T The engine ( The most powerful 150kW) Of 280TSI Entry level models , All standard 2.0T The engine , It is divided into high and low power .

Two of them 380TSI The model is equipped as standard 7 seat , The seat form is 2+3+2. Two paragraphs 330TSI The model is 5 A model , But you can also choose 7 seat . Of course, I don't suggest you buy 7 This version of Tiguan L, After all, as a medium-sized SUV, View of path L Is only for 4735mm, The third row offers only two " Attached to the " On the platform " Bench " nothing more , Legroom 、 Don't think about sitting comfortably .

So buy Tiguan honestly L Five seater models are good , Big five SUV It can not only ensure the comfort of rear passengers, but also have better trunk space .

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