This space is almost empty! Can you afford an annual salary of 20? Wey vv7 GT vs red flag HS5

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space afford annual salary wey

“ Big ” Very popular in China's auto market , As a consumer , The space is spacious , Riding comfort is one of the criteria for them to buy a car , For consumers , Spacious interior space and ride comfort are two indispensable indicators . Next on the stage WEY VV7 GT And the red flag HS5 On behalf of large space . Let's take a look at .

models :WEY VV7 GT 2020 paragraph 2.0T Flagship

The guided :20.58 Ten thousand yuan

WEY VV7 GT 2020 paragraph 2.0T The flagship front face presents a sporty design style , Headlights give people a very sharp feeling , The design full of lines is very attractive , The car .

The side of the car presents a heavy design style , Plus a double rising waistline , The lines have a strong sense of power , Strong visual impact . The length, width and height of the car are 4774/1931/1672mm, The wheelbase is 2950mm, Equipped with Michelin tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires are 235/55 R20.

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