Another large and medium-sized luxury executive car is on the market! Pure imported Lexus, starting from 200000

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large medium-sized medium sized luxury

Come out , You cover your face with a lute . This describes a thing that gives people a very mysterious feeling , be long in coming . Speaking of our car circle , There are also many expected modifications . This year's 8 month , There's a model coming on the market , That's Lexus ES models .

This model , Many friends feel strange . Generally speaking , Often only at the end of life , Only cars with a serious decline in sales will choose to change models , But you know Lexus ES How about the actual sales at the terminal ?

It's hard to find a car before changing the model , And you need to add some configuration to collect the car , It can be said that the sales momentum is strong , But now Lexus ES Changed the model . Does the new model bring better sincerity ? Today, let's talk about the new Lexus ES models .

lexus ES Some adjustments have been made to the price of , The manufacturer's guide price for new cars starts from 29.49 000 yuan to 48.89 Ten thousand yuan , There are ten different configuration models for consumers to choose .

It is worth mentioning that , New Lexus ES originate GA-A platform , So it has a more sporty side , The overall design looks more fashionable . Look ahead , Family design is still obvious , We can tell at a glance that this is Lexus's best-selling ES models , But its intake network has become 7 The blackened material in the shape of characters , The texture becomes more obvious . The headlights adopt sharp edges and corners led Light source design , Like an eagle's eyes , Keep an eye on your prey . The fog lamp position is decorated with bright chrome trim strip , Plus the concave convex front , Obvious three-dimensional sense , Such a design is easy to impress consumers .

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