After H6, Harvard has another god car! The endurance exceeds 1000km, with 4.6 fuel for 100km. The test drive feels great

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h6 harvard god car endurance

Great Wall Motors has released lemon platform and tank platform , All of its new cars have attracted much attention , As a car company that designs civilian big toys for Chinese people , Harvard has also been reorganizing its product line , And Harvard red rabbit is a good opportunity .

Some time ago, my colleagues have been on that 1.5T The top version has been tested in detail , The outstanding chassis texture and the new design can give people a bright feeling . The model I met today will be interesting , Although it has no more fancy appearance than the fuel version , But it retains the original advantages of the fuel version , And the endurance is much better than the fuel version , It's Harvard's first lemon DHT Harvard red rabbit of hybrid platform HEV.


No special But it's not simple

In appearance , Harvard Red Rabbit HEV Using Harvard's latest “ Tidal Awakening ” Aesthetic design concept , Make the whole vehicle look younger in appearance , and HEV In fact, there is not much difference in design between the model and the fuel version , The front face still adopts the avant-garde straight waterfall air inlet grille , Surrounded by bright black details , In addition, a large number of color contrast designs are used on the body to reflect its young positioning , before / rear bumper 、 The side skirts are decorated with decorative strips of different colors .

besides , There is also a spoiler above the rear , A design concept highly consistent with the aesthetics of today's mainstream consumer groups , It's really Harvard's entry in recent years SUV A boutique in the model .

Harvard Red Rabbit HEV The side lines of are more complex , The effect of creating a surface through a large number of curves seems wordy , But the sense of hierarchy under the light and shadow is still worthy of these lines . In terms of body size , The length, width and height of this new car are 4450/1841/1625mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm, So its size is just the kind suitable for walking in the urban area .


The interior design of men, women, young and old

Enter the interior , Extremely simple design style , Even older consumers can gradually accept after adapting to the color contrast lines . Harvard Red Rabbit HEV Still clinging to Harvard “ engineering course ” It's a little , The control button of the air conditioner is at the bottom of the suspended central control screen , Although it looks less technological , But it's really convenient to use , And the vehicle is also equipped with LCD instrument 、 Crystal bar and electronic handbrake 、 Many mainstream configurations such as automatic parking .


First with lemon DHT Hybrid platform

motivation , Harvard Red Rabbit HEV carrying 1.5L The engine , Maximum power is 101PS(74kW), matching DHT100 Hybrid transmission , And possess 1.8kWh Battery pack , Plus the motor , The combined maximum power of this power system is 140kW(190PS), At that time, the Ministry of industry and information technology gave the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers as 4.6L The achievement of , And the official said that the comprehensive endurance exceeds 1000km, This also makes me have a great interest in it .

When testing the fuel version , The power system it carries is quite good from the data , The performance has reached the luxury brand 2.0T The level of the engine , although HEV Version of 1.5L+DHT100 Compared with that one, the code name is GW4B15C Of 1.5T For the engine , Although the power of the internal combustion engine has decreased , But there are more motors 5kW, So the power is not strictly reduced .

HEV The models are actually divided into three different working conditions , At low speed , The vehicle will use pure electric drive mode to get through the most fuel consuming moment when starting , With the increasing speed , Under medium and high speed conditions , The engine and motor work simultaneously in the mixed mode , Improve fuel economy as much as possible on the premise of ensuring sufficient power , Under high-speed conditions , The engine and drive motor work in parallel .


Break the joint venture “ One hundred thousand is really fragrant ” The laws of

“ Traveling hundreds of miles a day is not groundless , Driving thousands of miles is the result of mixing ”, Haver has reached today's achievements from a brand that is trying to explore , Not trying to rely on H6 This model is eager for quick success , But can come out of the user , Redefine your brand direction .

The Harvard Red Rabbit HEV Appearance , It not only solves the final problem of civilian consumption “ Cost performance ”, It also cut the fuel consumption cost of cars by almost half . Some people prefer 90 The blood of the age , Maybe they really think that only the internal combustion engine is the representative of motion , And from a rational point of view , A low registration fee and economical car , To give you the motivation to run farther , And can step deeper .

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