The average monthly sales of ID series is only more than 1000. Can Volkswagen really make electric vehicles?

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average monthly sales id series

People treat the public MEB How high are the expectations of the platform ? Before this year , In the public “ First hometown ”( The European ) and “ The second hometown ”( China ), Many people believe in : Have MEB The public of pure electric platform will become Tesla's strong enemy , Maybe it can quench Musk's arrogance .

With ID.3、ID.4 and ID.6 The listing of , This expectation , Half realized .

It is the half that represents the European market .

data display ,2021 In the first half of the year , Among the five best-selling new energy vehicles in Europe , Two are Volkswagen models ,ID.3 and ID.4, Second and fifth , The sales volume is 31,030 and 24,886 car , Although with the first Tesla Model 3 There is still a certain distance , But it is Tesla's biggest competitor in the European market , There's nothing wrong with it .

And with the help of the European market , Global models ID.4 Standing in the fifth place in the global electric vehicle sales list (ID.3 Because it is exclusively supplied in the European market, it only ranks ninth ), Volkswagen even ranks third in the world's best-selling electric vehicle brand , Second only to Tesla and Wuling , Beyond our BYD . Looking at this set of data , I really think the public , Again .

In the Chinese market, which is known as the second hometown of Volkswagen , The most competitive market for electric vehicles , Volkswagen fell hard .

The fall was quite heavy , Months on the market , Four models jointly launched by North and South Volkswagen , Sales are very stable , The best seller ID.4 X But sold more than 6000 ( As of July ), More than 1000 vehicles per month ( To be delivered at the end of March ), Don't talk to me Model 3 Break your wrist , even “ Wei Xiaoli ” I can't touch my tail . Tell the truth , If other traditional car companies encounter this situation in China, it won't be strange , But this is the favorite public of Chinese consumers !!?

As for the reason , Public officials have given several reasons , But I can't escape the old , Chip out of stock 、 Sales are climbing 、 The sales channel has not yet been rolled out …… Just listen to it anyway .

Need to know , The public gave ID.4 High expectations in China , SAIC Volkswagen said ID.4 X Annual sales are in 5 ten thousand + The level of , faw - The public also has less than a poor prediction , But the actual sales volume is not as ideal , What's wrong with it ?

There is something wrong with the product power ?

ID Whether the series is good enough ?

In the age of fuel vehicles , We look at it from the perspective of mechanical quality ID.4 Words , It has few slots , Excellent driving quality 、 Endurance is really 、 The space is spacious …… In the era of fuel vehicles, you can think of many praise words set in ID.4 There's nothing wrong with it , in general ID.4 It's really a worry free and easy-to-use family car .

But what is called “ Cheng Yi Xiao He , Xiao He also defeated ”, If ID.4 It's a fuel car with Volkswagen logo , Diange has reason to believe that it can still achieve good results in China , But for these advantages of the fuel age , Electric car users don't buy it so much .

In the European market , Under the trend of absolute justice of electric environmental protection ,“ Electric substitution ” It has become a new hot spot of automobile consumption , Buy an electric car as a substitute for a fuel car , On the one hand, there is not much change in driving habits , On the other hand, it also supports environmental protection , Received a subsidy , Why not .

Renault, the best-selling electric vehicle in the European market Zoe

Volkswagen that has been successful in the European market , Copied this experience , Directly set in the Chinese market , But they forget that the main force of China's new energy vehicle consumption has long been educated , Now most domestic new energy vehicle users are not just looking for alternatives to fuel vehicles , In a more mysterious word , They are looking for a new way of life .

The age group of the main force of consumption has dropped to 90 after , even to the extent that 00 after , They just want a product different from the previous era of fuel vehicles , Simply speaking , They need to be faster 、 More intelligent 、 Different products from the past , And the public ID The series is not exactly their goal .

Sit down to ID Series of cars , We can see that “ stubborn ” In fact, the public has spent a lot of time , I hope many of the designs on the car will give people a bright feeling , Show the sense of technology it didn't have in the fuel age , Huge suspended central control screen 、 A large number of touch adjustment buttons 、 Meter / Rotary shift integrated mechanism …… These designs are indeed in the former Volkswagen , We haven't touched , But after the actual experience , It seems so …… forehead …… Awkward .

The central control screen is really big enough , The border is also narrow enough , It brings a good sense of science and Technology , But in practice , You will find that this is still an upgraded version of the old Volkswagen , The function is rich , But compared with a group of new forces making cars , It is even said that the car machine function richness of some mainstream domestic traditional car enterprises , There is still a considerable gap .

Some people will say , The technical level of the car engine is an extra point at most , Not everyone values it so much . Good. , Let's talk about some special designs :

The glass lifting button on the door panel adopts “ Partition ” The design of the , When you need to switch the control of the front and rear door glass , You need to press the toggle button , Then operate the elevator , In fact, three buttons are no less than four buttons , At least in the process of actual use , Stagger the front and rear glass .

And touch buttons , We can understand that designers want to make the car more concise and more scientific , Reduce the use of physical keys , But the sliding touch button is really difficult to control the opening , It is very difficult to adjust the temperature of the air conditioning panel and the skylight curtain .

And the glowing Volkswagen logo 、 mark “+/-” The switch and brake of the symbol …… There are countless designs like this .

And ID The longer the series contacts , You will find more and more such small designs , To this end, diange repeatedly stressed that we can really feel the public brand for ID The intention of the series , Hope to let us in ID See different popular brands in the series , But there is still a sense of wrong force .

Review why Volkswagen Group has thrived in the Chinese market before , It depends on understanding the national conditions , Understand Chinese consumers , Chinese consumers want bigger cars , On arrangement , The size is elongated 、 Heighten ; Chinese consumers like hatchbacks 、SUV, On arrangement , Chinese special models , lavida 、 Lingdu 、 Tu ang ……

Langyi, which has created a sales miracle in China

And in the ID Above the series , Such localized design is still less , At least in the highly competitive electric vehicle market , The public can also pay more attention to the needs of consumers . The interesting thing is , Electric brother tested before ID.6 When , Open the guard , When you see the Chinese mark on the charging port , It's no exaggeration to say , In fact, there was a warm feeling in my heart , Although it only takes a few seconds to confirm the type of charging interface , But I do see some careful thinking of the public , Such a public , That's what Chinese consumers like .

Sales channels need to be changed

Know the little partner of Volkswagen brand , Certainly to Herbert, then head of the Volkswagen brand · Dis knows something , Previously, he said such words for the research and judgment of China's electric vehicle market “ In the Chinese market , Products and sales strategies should be adapted to local conditions , The public must make timely changes for local consumers .”

The product problem is naturally the change in the localization direction mentioned above , The product should be changed , At most, it's just that the product can be adjusted by changing models and generations , In terms of sales strategy , In my opinion , If you need to make drastic changes , difficult .

DIS is a Tesla blow , there “ blow ”, He said he gave Tesla the car , And even the changes made in the auto market , Volkswagen has also set up a team to study all aspects of Tesla , This includes sales strategy .

Volkswagen can maintain high sales in the Chinese market , It is largely related to its extensive sales network , Sales outlets can be described as always having one next to you . Those who cooperate in the form of distribution 4S In the era of fuel vehicles, the store has laid a foundation for Volkswagen brands in the domestic market , But also in the era of electric vehicles ID Series development .

Here you need to insert an introduction ID Series sales strategy in China ,ID The series is sold by agent in China , In short, it is the same as many new car building forces , The model price adopts the national unified sales price , You can choose online 、 Booking , Pick up the car at a qualified dealer . The advantage of doing so is naturally to ensure ID The price of the series is unified all over the country , Eliminated a small part of gray income .

But for dealers with agency rights , This is not necessarily a good thing , Selling with a new model ID Series models , The price is clear , In disguise, the dealer reduces the revenue .

When consumers step into 4S In store , They can feel the difference between the promotion of fuel vehicles and electric vehicles , The salesmen are enthusiastic and active in promoting the fuel vehicles in the store to you , I don't even want to lift the electric car . Fuel vehicles attached to the traditional sales model , Sell one , More or less miscellaneous expenses , This is an incentive for sales , And sell an electric car , All you can earn is a transparent Commission . Besides , Transparent price , It means that sales cannot attract consumers' attention by means of various discounts , Make a deal , You said to let them spend that kind of talk recommending electric cars to consumers entering the door , This may not ?

On the other hand , For dealers , Make a little less money to sell a fuel car , In the later stage, he may be able to make money from his subsequent vehicle maintenance by making a good relationship with the owner , But for a creature like an electric car that basically doesn't need maintenance , unprofitable .

The emergence of new sales channels , Can change this situation to a certain extent , Direct marketing may be a way to solve this problem , But this is bound to damage the interests of dealer partners who have cooperated for many years , About this stake , We have also made analysis and interpretation before , Is there a way , Without unduly damaging the Partnership , Under the condition of ensuring the smooth sales channel of fuel vehicles , Can better promote their own ID Series models ? This is really a challenge for the public .

There are still opportunities

Highly expected ID The series encountered a difficult dilemma at the beginning , This is what many people did not expect , But it also makes the public see the facts , China is the most noteworthy regional market in the world , But at the same time, the competition is also the most intense . Volkswagen must recognize the particularity of China's electric vehicle market , Targeted development of products suitable for the local market , Adopt a sales strategy suitable for the Chinese market , There is a possibility of reversal .

With the continuous improvement of product series , More suitable for the Chinese market ID.6 and ID.3 The power of ,ID The sales volume of series in China is expected to see a rising trend , But to keep this situation going , The public really needs to do more . After reading this article, you , I wonder if you will consider choosing Volkswagen's electric car ? You buy / Why don't you buy it ?

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