I'm willing to use aluminum alloy. Is this Nissan I know?

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willing use aluminum alloy. alloy

What's the difference between this new Qijun and the old one , Is it progress or retrogression ? Today we'll take the car apart , Start with the front and rear crash beams , Let's talk .



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Large area aluminum alloy


The skin material of xinqijun is really new , Front hood 、 Front fender on both sides 、 Four doors , They are all made of aluminum alloy , Than The old Qijun's all steel skin is too strong . Material level Comparable to luxury cars , Very rare at this level . Of course , The tailgate is the same as the old model , It's still plastic .

Front crash beam

Double rolled steel plate


Remove the front bumper , There is only one plastic buffer on the front crash beam , No pedestrian protection foam. , But there is a very complete protection bubble in the old model. .


The new Qijun is the same as the old one , The front anti-collision beams are double-layer rolled steel plates , However, the steel plate thickness of xinqijun has reached 1.63 mm , Better than the old 0.91 Mm is much stronger . Obviously, the materials used in the front anti-collision beam of the new car have been upgraded .


The vehicle is equipped with an active air inlet grille under the crash beam , It can help the power system enter the normal operating temperature faster , Yes CVT Cold protection has a certain mitigation effect . Although only half of them are installed , Loss of upper half , But it's better than the old model .



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An auxiliary anti-collision beam is installed under the anti-collision beam to prevent pedestrians from getting involved , This is also not available in the old model . The energy absorption box of the auxiliary anti-collision beam is quite thick , It also has a collapsing punch , And there is a high cost protective foam ahead. , There is only one cheap plastic shell on the main anti-collision beam , It's really puzzling .



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This car has adaptive cruise control , So the front of the car is equipped with ACC Millimeter wave radar , However, this radar is not installed behind the vehicle logo like other major international brands , But on a solid metal support , Due to lack of necessary buffer , So in low-speed collisions , This radar has a high chance of damage .



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In response 25% Offset crash test , The vehicle has added inducement reinforcement on both sides of the front anti-collision beam , This is not available on the old Qijun .



secondly , Behind the energy absorption box , There is also a triangular support block on the longitudinal beam on the left and right sides , Also in response 25% Offset crash test . No wonder new Nissan cars in recent years have been in crash tests , They all performed well , It turned out that there was a lot of rain behind it “ Kung fu ”.


The structure of the front energy absorbing box is very novel , The whole structure is fan-shaped , Independent and detachable , With collapsing folds . This design is likely to make the energy absorption box wider , Just enough to cover 25% Location of crash test , Improve test scores .


Rear bumper

Double rolled steel plate


The rear anti-collision beam of this new Qijun is the same as the old one , Both are of double-layer rolled steel plate structure , Thickness is 1.25 mm , A little thicker than the old model , Old models only 1.11 mm .


The rear energy absorbing box is also a detachable structure , With collapsing perforations , The fixing bolts are complete .


The rear anti-collision beam should protrude out of the rear tailgate , Can effectively play a protective role .


Collision test


At present, the new Qijun is called in North America “Rogue”, Qijun has not been updated in Europe and other regions . So new cars are only in the United States IIHS Crash test conducted , The results were quite good , Perfect , Got it “ Safe choice +” The title of . It can be seen from the disassembly of the anti-collision beam , The car was tested for a crash “ Kung fu ”, Deep into the bone marrow optimization , So good results are expected . however , This is the American version , What are the collision results of the domestic version of Qijun , Fair and impartial crash testing is also required .


Is this the Nissan I know ?

The new Qijun is in the crash beam , It's much better than the old one , This is quite a love “ Shell change ” Japanese cars are especially rare . Most of the body skins are made of aluminum alloy only used in luxury cars , But the tailgate is still plastic , I hope the rear seats can have steel plates . Front and rear crash beam , Although it is still double-layer rolled steel plate , But the thickness of the steel plate is much stronger than the old one , In addition, an auxiliary anti-collision beam is added 、 Active air intake grille , This is what the old Qijun doesn't have .

Besides , In response to the crash test , This car is almost perfect , Not only the two sides of the front anti-collision beam are strengthened , Induction and fan-shaped energy absorption box are also added . Everything comes to him who waits , The car scored almost full marks in crash tests in North America .

Facing this novel steed , Like a child who doesn't study hard , Suddenly he worked hard , There is a strange feeling , Is this still the impression of Nissan ? I'm willing to use aluminum alloy . What about the chassis of this car , Do you have “ Pleasantly surprised ” Well ? Please continue to pay attention to the subsequent disassembly contents . The measurement data and conclusions in this article and video are only responsible for this vehicle , The measurement data shall be responsible for the published experimental method .

2021 Nissan Qijun anti-collision beam




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