2021 Chengdu auto show in advance: the new generation of Mercedes Benz C-class is coming. Netizen: finally wait for it

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chengdu auto advance new generation

Chengdu auto show , It can be regarded as the largest and highest specification annual automobile event in the western region , It has a lot to do with its continuous determination to forge ahead and adhere to innovation and development . Now , Through 23 At the end of the year, it has grown and transformed into China's four major A Among the first-class auto shows . see , The 24th Chengdu International Auto Show will be held in 2021 Year of 8 month 29 On the th, it was held in the Western China International Expo City .

It is reported that , There will be 130 More than domestic and foreign auto brands participated in the exhibition , The vehicles on display reached 1500 More than a ! among , There are many heavy new cars coming , Take this new generation we want to introduce to you today Mercedes C At the level of , In this year's Chengdu auto show, it will be officially listed , Now let's take a look at the specific performance of this new car in advance .

In fact, as early as the Shanghai Auto Show , A new generation of Mercedes Benz C The first level has been illuminated , Because the new car really does well , So riders have been waiting for the news of its launch , Now in the auto show, the new car will finally be officially on the market , Don't miss it if you like it . Compared to Mercedes Benz S Class and Mercedes Benz E At the level of , A new generation of Mercedes Benz C Class A is more young and fashionable in appearance , After all, it is built with the latest design concept , So the appearance and appearance value are absolutely very good . No wonder , After the debut of Shanghai Auto Show , People will never forget it .

Yes, of course , In addition to having a beautiful and dynamic appearance , A new generation of Mercedes Benz C The class interior design is also quite eye-catching . When other car companies are still imitating its dual screen , Mercedes Benz has already started playing other “ tricks ”. The large vertical screen connects the gear lever area , Let the whole show a stronger scientific and technological atmosphere . Besides , A new generation of Mercedes Benz C There is also a significant increase in size .4882mm Body size , add 2954mm The wheelbase , Let it straighten its waist in the same level , At the same time, it is more in line with the preferences of Chinese people .

Finally, let's talk about its power part , Through understanding, we know , A new generation of Mercedes Benz C The first stage will use one 1.5T The engine , And one 1.5T+48V Mix and move 2.0T Three different power versions . The transmission continues the cash 9AT transmission . in addition , If the top model is equipped, it will provide 4MATIC All-wheel-drive system .

summary : Have to say , A new generation of Mercedes Benz C No matter the appearance or interior , All have excellent performance , With stable and good three pieces , It also makes a lot of car friends increase their favor for it . Regarding this , No wonder netizens call : Finally wait until it . It seems , Mercedes Benz's old rival 3 Tether heel A4L It's going to be stressful .

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