You can buy a 5-series at a higher price! Value? Not worth it? Real shot Maybach GLS

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buy 5-series series higher price

Mercedes Maybach GLS Level as “ Boss car ”, Once launched, it attracted everyone's attention . From the appearance of this car , It brightens people's eyes , The body is strong and has a sense of strength , The shape is full of power , And it has high recognition . How many people dream of owning this car ? that , Is it worth so much money ?

Maybach GLS level 2021 paragraph GLS 480 4MATIC The front of the car is designed with a straight line , With the linear atmosphere on the front face , The modeling takes a dignified route , Give people a good visual effect . At the same time, a large number of chrome plated decorations are used , Highlights its luxurious style .

On the body , The length, width and height of this car are respectively 5210/2030/1838mm, The wheelbase is 3135mm Of , With horse tires , The size of the front tire is 285/45 R22, The rear tires are 325/40 R25, The side of the whole car is quite imposing , The split luggage rack not only improves the appearance , It also makes it more practical .

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