Explore the store and shoot the new mass Tiguan l! Silver coating has sufficient texture, improved configuration and strong power of 2.0T

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explore store shoot new mass

Just launched two days ago 2022 paragraph View of the public way L It is a sensation in the market , The appearance of the times has also attracted the attention of a large number of consumers , In recent days, , The author photographed this model when exploring stores in Zibo area , The silver coating feels good , Some changes have been made to the details of the appearance , The configuration has also been upgraded .

2022 The way to the public L The front face is very layered , The ladder shape design of the ladder shape air inlet grille is more stable , The decorative strips stretched on both sides are connected with the open angle lamp set , It's more coherent , The insertion of the upper side guard of the air inlet is also more eye-catching .

The side performance is very generous , The windows are decorated with silver chrome trim , It's very delicate , The penetrating waist line extends all the way to the tail , It can better disperse the resistance in the air during driving , The multi width design of the wheel hub is more supportive . The tail design is relatively wide , The family tail lamp is more exquisite when lit , The penetrating fog lamp is embedded in the silver trim strip at the bottom , Increase some coherence , The existence of bilateral four outlet exhaust funnel is full of movement .

Space part , The instrument panel T The shape design is quite capable , The air outlet area is decorated with slender silver trim strips , It's very delicate , The touch design of multimedia display screen is more advanced , The rotary design of the bottom button is also very retro .

2022 The way to the public L Standard configuration 2.0T+7 Wet double clutch gearbox , The output power is 186 Horsepower and 220 horsepower .

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