2021 Changan cs85 coupe arrives at the store, with a sporty appearance, a straight drop of 5000 yuan and strong power output

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changan cs85 cs coupe arrives

At present, domestic sedan SUV The car market is developing rapidly , Many automobile manufacturers are making efforts in the market , changan CS85 COUPE It is a sedan with good comprehensive strength SUV, After the car enters the market, the attention is good , Recently, the author explored a local store in Huai'an , Learned about the relevant preferential policies .

2021 Section Chang'an CS85 COUPE The appearance recognition is high , The style of the whole air inlet grille is relatively advanced , The style of China open is decent and generous , The headlights are designed to be slightly aggressive , The fog lamp is a vertical layout , The air inlet is decorated with bright decorative strips . The side body of the car looks more comfortable , The waist line is more prominent , The chrome trim strip around the window is thickened , The rear of the sliding back car looks more fashionable , The slender tail lamp set is decorated with silver trim in the middle , The cylindrical exhaust pipe is very moving , The rear bumper is equipped with a wide guard .

The car's interior style is quite high-grade , The materials used in the whole center console are very solid , Wide multi-function steering wheel, comfortable grip , The embedded central control screen is very slender , Piano like physical keys are equipped , The electronic shift lever is full and round , The interior space performance is ideal .

The car is equipped with 1.5T、2.0T The engine , It's a match on the drive 7 Wet double clutch gearbox , Very dynamic performance .

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