How strong is the medium and large SUV with four second acceleration in the field test drive of lantu free?

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strong medium large suv second

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With the increasingly stringent emission policies, all car companies are overweight new energy models , The field of pure electric vehicles has become a battleground for strategists , however 《 New energy automobile industry development plan (2021-2035)》 It is clearly stated in , Take a pure electric car 、 Plug in hybrid cars 、 Fuel cell cars “ Three vertical ” Parallel development route , So from the macro form , The development status of plug-in hybrid vehicle including incremental program is clear , The market is looking good , So ideal 、 Many auto companies including Jinkang xilis have launched additional program products , It also includes Dongfeng's high-end new energy brand, which has just become independent —— Lantu car .

Compared with competitors , Lantu car has no single bet to increase program power model , Instead, it has launched Lan Tu, which has two versions of pure electric and add-on program FREE, One is because the batteries of electric vehicles today 、 Core technologies such as endurance and high-power fast charging 、 Pure electrical auxiliary line technologies such as power exchange are rapidly applied and rising , Second, the program can be added without charging 、 Free charging pile 、 It has inherent advantages such as less battery and strong safety , A double fist attack is tantamount to dropping a heavy bomb in the new energy vehicle market . It's just that you get it on paper and finally feel shallow , Haze map FREE You still have to experience your real strength , To this end, I recently participated in the high-energy track challenge camp held by lantu in Shenzhen , A field test drive .

good-looking 、 High technology coexists , Carry luxury to the end

Before talking about the test drive experience , Let's talk about lantu first FREE Static experience , In fact, I saw lantu as early as last year's Beijing auto show iFREE Concept car , The mass production version continues the style of the concept car on a large basis .

The contour of yacht body and multi spoke hub create a strong luxury atmosphere , In particular, the visual effect of the side is very full and three-dimensional , It also benefits from it 4905mm The conductor and 2960mm The wheelbase , But compared with the front and rear, the concept car converges a lot , After all, Lan Tu FREE Positioning is luxury medium and large SUV, Being too aggressive is not a good thing .

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