Probe shop 2021 Buick LaCrosse, with advanced appearance, all series of 9at, reduced price and complete configuration!

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probe shop buick lacrosse advanced

Buick has performed quite well in the domestic auto market , Some of its models have strong hard power . Buick LaCrosse is a relatively advanced medium-sized car , After the car entered the market, the results are quite ideal , Recently, the author explored a local store in Huai'an , Learned about the relevant preferential policies .

2021 The appearance design of Buick LaCrosse is very elegant , The flying wing air intake grille is relatively round , The perimeter is decorated with bold chrome trim , The front headlights are designed with sharp edges and corners , The fog lamp area is dotted with chrome trim strips , The front bumper is very thick . The side body design of the car is broad and stable , The car window is surrounded by chrome trim , The multi width wheel hub is very generous . The line feeling of the tail is clear , The tail light set is quite slender , The identification light band is exquisite , The double side single out exhaust pipe is very moving .

The interior of the car adopts the design of an encircling cabin , Sit in the car , Can feel the warm feeling , The multifunction steering wheel is full , The shift lever is wide , The details are decorated with metal brushed trim panels to emphasize the high-level feeling , The space performance is ideal .

motivation , The car is equipped with 1.5T、2.0T Turbocharged engine , Matching 9 Self - contained gearbox .

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