With the advent of her 'era, Great Wall Euler has opened a double cat fashion show, and car fashion items are popular!

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advent era great wall euler

In people's impression , Cars have always been men's favorite . Little imagine , Now women use more and more cars , The field of automobile has also entered 【 she 】 Time , Great Wall Euler and Ruili launched a double cat fashion show .

The new model is on the market The price of Euler's black cat and Euler's little wild cat is around 70000 yuan . After these two new models are launched , Enriched Euler series products . In appearance , Cat's eye LED Headlights are easier to capture women's hearts , And a colorful look , Make the car look more attractive .

In the interior , Intelligent technology 、 Networked large screen 、 Bidirectional tachograph, etc , Make it more intelligent in the same model 、 facilitate 、 comfortable . Relatively speaking , Euler's little wildcat is more unrestrained and cool in appearance , Flowing rear 、 The head of the car full of stars , Make the whole car dynamic , Therefore, it is also popular with many girls .

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