The wind resistance coefficient ranks among the top three in the world, with Zhiji L7 coming later and coming first, and the pressure on Wei Xiaoli

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wind resistance coefficient ranks world

The drag coefficient of a car has achieved 0.21Cd, Which number in the world ? The answer is : Third .

This machine will have a wind drag coefficient of 0.21Cd Your car is Zhiji L7. It ranks among the top three mass-produced vehicles in the world , The first one is Mercedes Benz EQS(0.20Cd), In second place is Tesla Model S(0.208Cd).

Be wise L7 Your skills in this area , Don't talk about the pressure on Wei Xiaoli , Even Porsche, which specializes in sports cars, has to bow down .

Need to know , Porsche's pure electric “ pioneer ” models Taycan, Its wind resistance coefficient is 0.22Cd.

Friends who are familiar with automobile design must know , Wind drag coefficient is very important for vehicle design , It belongs to the most difficult point on the spire , Be wise L7 Designers and engineers have worked hard , As one can imagine .

Be wise L7 Our designers draw inspiration from water droplets decorated by the wind , First, the optimal aerodynamic angle is accurately calculated by simulation computer :25.9 Degree windshield inclination +16 Degree included angle of tail window top . Then imitate the edge of the water drop , Draw a roof arc with perfect curvature .

therefore , Be wise L7 Real cars are all curve blessings , A nose with a strong sense of dive 、 Ultra low cover 、 Ultra low body and large windshield inclination , The overall impression is “ Silky ” Elegant .

Hardware aspect , Be wise L7 Also keep improving . A large number of aerodynamic components are used , For example, active air intake grille 、 Aerodynamic hub 、 Addition of full coverage aerodynamic chassis guard . Be wise L7 The penetrating tail light of the is also cleverly integrated with the tail wing , And slightly upturned , Guide the air flow upward , The turbulence at the rear of the vehicle is effectively improved .

Concealed door handle 、 Wheel hub 、 Optimized exterior rearview mirror 、 Flat chassis, etc , It is also carefully designed to reduce wind resistance .

It should be said , Be wise L7 The wind resistance coefficient is reduced , It was pulled out a little .

5 Wheel wind tunnel test verification , The cumulative test time exceeds 150 Hours ( Wei to EC6 Only for 16 Hours );

near 900 Second simulation calculation , exceed 90 Wan Heshi ( Xiao peng P7 Only for 20 Time ,EC6 Only for 220 Time );

Be wise L7 Tens of millions of wind resistance R & D investment , from 30 More than experienced engineers and designers form a joint team , After ten rounds of design iteration , Multiple tests 、 Circular argument 、 Keep polishing . stay 15 After optimizing the key parts of the body , The wind resistance coefficient has decreased 30%.

This also shows that , Wisdom has its own “ Head gun ” Degree of emphasis , Very high .

Luoji Car Review believes that , Be wise L7 Entering the high-end pure electric car market , From its more genuine original intention and demonstrated strength , It has a good chance to catch up .

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