The 2021 trumpchi gs8 comes to the store with simple interior, aggressive appearance and sufficient power of 2.0T!

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trumpchi gs8 gs comes store

The development momentum of domestic cars in recent years is particularly fierce , Like the domestic car enterprises taking the red flag model as an example , One after another showed their housekeeping skills , In designing and manufacturing one excellent , High performance cars , Strive to bring the most cost-effective models to our consumers . And trumpchi has lived up to its trust , Designed one after another , Very good model , For consumers to choose . And the good car recommendation this time , It is an excellent medium-sized enterprise under trumpchi SUV:2021 Trumpchi GS8.

This model , Designers also make great efforts when designing , Its unique design , Make it not only excellent in appearance , It is equally excellent in terms of interior upholstery and power . In the design of the front face , This model adopts , Design of multi segment transverse grid , Very recognizable headlights on both sides , Integrated with China open , It looks very imposing , Trumpchi's unique logo , Embedded in the net , It seems very offensive . The design of the mesh vent at the bottom of the China open , With the design of rectangular diffusers on both sides , It can greatly reduce the wind resistance , Make it run more smoothly .

Turn to the side of the car , Its unique model design , It also makes many consumers like . A semi hidden waistline , From the front , After running through the whole body , Reach the tail light section , Elongated the overall appearance of the car body . The high-rise chassis design at the bottom , With the design of flower wheel hub , Improves the car's massiness .

Its model can be seen from the rear , It does not adopt the most fashionable through tail lamp design at present , Instead, the legendary iconic logo is embedded in its center , Tail lights on both sides , It seems more recognizable .

Open the door , The interior design is also very high-end . Very clear LCD dashboard , And the design of central control large screen , It also greatly improves the sense of movement of the interior part , It appears that its design is very diversified .

2021 paragraph The kei GS8, In terms of power, it is equipped with 2.0T The engine , Match the 6 Automatic gear 、6 Self - contained gearbox , The maximum output power is 252 horsepower . The development of its domestic cars has been very rapid , And the excellent cost performance of domestic cars , Also let us consumers , Be able to spend at least , To drive the best car , And this model of trumpchi , It also greatly improves consumers' choice to buy models !

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