Suitable for young couples, 2021 Volkswagen lingdu real car has the visual sense of "small CC"

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suitable young couples volkswagen lingdu

Volkswagen as a global auto enterprise , Its model system is also very perfect . Volkswagen lingdu, as a wide body sedan under Volkswagen , Very popular with young people , It's really the first choice for young people to buy cars .

The front face adopts a family banner air inlet grille , All of them were blackened , Sporty . The upper through chrome trim connects the headlights on both sides , Stretch the visual width of the front . The lower enclosure adopts a through grid shape , The overall sense is very strong .

The side has a through waistline , Stretch the visual length of the body . The lower five piece wheel hub shape highlights the sports characteristics of the car .

The tail has a slightly cocked duckling tail , It looks very windy . The tail lights are all blackened , Very eye-catching after lighting .

The interior adopts a three width multifunctional steering wheel , Configure embedded central control screen . The design of the gear handle is also very exquisite . In terms of power, the new car is equipped with 1.4T The engine , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

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