out of the ordinary! You don't start with a salary of 5000 a month? Roewe RX3 vs mingjue ZS

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ordinary don start salary month

Although not as rich as ordinary cars , But now SUV There are also many products , Aren't you a little fussy ? The next recommended Rongwei RX3 And the barons ZS Both models , They are all SUV. Next, join Xiaobian to see if their highlights can attract you .

models : roewe RX3 2020 paragraph 1.6L CVT 4G Internet super cool flagship

The guided :9.58 Ten thousand yuan

roewe RX3 2020 paragraph 1.6L CVT 4G The head of the flagship version of Internet super cool presents a simple design style , It looks simple and beautiful , With a lot of chrome trim , The whole looks very clean .

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