The new generation BYD yuan plus is exposed, and the new tail lamp + blade battery runs through to resist xrv

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new generation byd yuan exposed

BYD's new car this year is compared with last year's Han EV It's quiet , The qin dynasty PRO The hybrid is really fragrant , But it has not become a phenomenal model , Dolphins are really famous , However, after the price is announced, it is inevitable that it will be muted . At the nearby auto show, BYD also prepared big moves , This time, the dynasty series is updated , BYD is also the most stable sub brand in the high-end market , New generation BYD yuan PLUS Official exposure , This car also uses a new design concept , Create a different freshness .

In fact, pure tram models have developed to this point , In particular, we are concerned that the battery life has not made a great breakthrough because of the battery , The subsequent upgrading of pure electric models , It has also become a little . Take a look at BYD yuan PLUS How it's done . This car has a compact positioning SUV, Thanks to the inherent power advantages of pure electricity , Therefore, positioning also focuses on Sports , New car length, width and height 4455/1875/1615mm, The wheelbase 2720mm, Compared with fuel vehicles in size XRV It also has advantages .

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