In tit for tat with Honda CR-V, will the fifth generation Tucson l become a winner?

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tit tat honda cr-v cr

as everyone knows , A joint venture SUV The mainstream models are equipped with 1.5T Fuel saving engine , One of the best-selling models Honda CR-V In the same way . But this year Beijing Hyundai launched the fifth generation Tousheng L Also equipped with 1.5T power . Then compare these two cars , Which product is more expressive ? Let's compare and understand . In terms of price , The fifth generation Tucson L The guide price is 16.18-20.18 Ten thousand yuan , And Honda CR-V Of 1.5T The price range of the model is 16.98-24.98 ten thousand .

From the outside , The fifth generation Tucson L Its appearance is refreshing . The front face adopts a relatively hard air inlet grille shape , Hidden daytime running lights are set on both sides , It looks bold . The body side , The fifth generation Tucson L The lines have a sense of power . by comparison , Honda CR-V The size of the air inlet grille in the front face is smaller , It seems a little low-key , However, the shape of the headlights on both sides is very personalized , Both sides of the front bar are decorated with silver trim strips , Set off the delicate feeling of the front face . The waist line on the side of the car body is slightly raised , It has a sense of hierarchy .

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