Live shooting of the fifth generation Tucson l! With strong power, large space and many configurations, will it become a popular model by visual inspection?

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live shooting fifth generation tucson

Introduction a few days ago, a friend asked me : household SUV What potential to have , To have a chance to be a hot money ? This undoubtedly poses a problem for Daewoo , Because it's really hard to answer . Daewoo thought for a long time , Several points are preliminarily summarized :1、 Powerful , Full load travel without pressure ;2、 The space should be large , Let the family ride more comfortable ;3、 Security / Auxiliary configuration should be more , Make the car more comfortable to use ; On the basis of these three conditions , If you can still have a beautiful appearance 、 Reliable quality 、 The price is moderate 、 Configure rich elements , So this family SUV You have a great chance to become a hot money . Now there are such household SUV Do you ? Daewoo screened again , Find a car that meets the above requirements —— Beijing modern fifth generation Tucson L. Follow Daewoo , Let's make an in-depth evaluation of this car .

One 、 The appearance is imperceptible , This classic model of Beijing Hyundai , Has come to the fifth generation . Different from the previous mature and stable design , The fifth generation Tucson L The shape gives Daewoo a cool feeling 、 It's very futuristic . The front grille is decorated with a large area of chrome , And cut into pieces , Like a diamond , Very shiny .LED headlight 、 The daytime running lights are the same color as the medium screen , By “ hide ” Get up , If not lit , It's hard for you to find them . When lit , Like an eagle spreading its wings , Looks very nice . Have to say , This design , Very clever .

Parametric cutting waist line is adopted on the side , Sharp edges and corners , Make this car look full of power , It's very reassuring . The tail is used “ Hawk claw ” modelling LED Through tail lamp , Highly recognizable . If you look carefully enough , You will also find that the rear wiper is hidden under the spoiler . Exhaust ports at both sides , Plus the trapezoidal trim panel , Let the visual effect of this car move up , It looks more stocky .

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