The new Audi q2l will be listed in Chengdu auto show, younger or become the main brand

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new audi q2l listed chengdu

The audi Q2L I'm sure you all know , But recently we learned , all-new audi Q2L Will appear at Chengdu auto show , So it's younger , What has changed ?

First , Appearance part , The middle net of the front face of the vehicle will be expanded , and 6 The longitudinal chrome plated trim also highlights its delicacy , The interior adopts a black grid design , It also has a good performance in the sense of movement . The lower perimeter of the vehicle , With silver embellishment , Compared with the mediocrity of the old model , The new car has a kind of heavy meaning .

On the side, I think it's a new Audi Q2L The best place to see , The design of the suspended roof , Matching black trim panel , Let this new Audi Q2L With a strong sense of hierarchy , And more slender on the whole , If it is SUV, It's more like a cross-border product .

On the tail , It still continues the design of the old model , But it echoes the front face below , Silver chrome trim is also used , It's interesting in the design of the lower enclosure , Contrast the opening in the front face. The opening below is similar to it .

interiors , It's just that , However, the silver embellishment is more outstanding than the pure black of the old model . Power on , It is reported that the new car will carry a 1.4T The engine , Maximum horsepower 150 horse , And what matches that is 7 Speed dry double clutch gearbox .

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