The appearance is slightly changed and the design is more personalized. The official drawing of the new Jetta / Jetta Gli is released

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appearance slightly changed design personalized.

Fellow riders , Hello everyone ! Today's car selection network brings you the latest news of today's car market , Please click to follow the car selection network , Learn the latest car information at the first time .

In recent days, , Car selection network learned from relevant channels , Volkswagen has released a new overseas version Jetta as well as Jetta GLI The official figure , The appearance details of the new car have been adjusted , It's worth mentioning , The new The public Jetta Change the 1.5T The engine of , So the performance is undoubtedly better .

aesthetic , The public Jetta The forward air grille of continues to adopt hexagonal design , However, the decoration on the grille adopts a new style , The grid is painted in dark color , Looks very athletic , And very young . If it's the public Jetta GLI, Then the design of this car will be more sporty , In design , The car is painted in black , In the middle of the grille is a penetrating red decorative strip , It has its unique logo .

As for the interior , The car hasn't changed much , Continue to adopt a more simple style , The large central control screen adopts concave design . motivation , New Volkswagen Jetta Pick up the 1.5T The engine , And the new Volkswagen Jetta GLI Pick up the 2.0T The engine . Users can use their own needs , Make the final choice .

Choose your point of view : Although it is only a medium-term model , But in design , The upgrade of this car is still very obvious . For the vast majority of consumers , Perhaps the only thing waiting is the price .

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