Super cost-effective sedan SUV with 20 inch wheels and double exhaust is more beautiful than BMW X4!

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super cost-effective cost effective sedan

With 90 after 、95 Young consumers have become the main force of the auto market , A beautiful look 、 powerful 、 Driving a comfortable and good car has gradually become a new favorite in the market . For example, today's protagonist —— The more lucky star , With fluid design of the body and sports atmosphere of the interior , This kind of “ High performance sports SUV” Since its listing, it has won the favor of many young people . So what is the strength of this car ? take it easy , You may have the answer after reading today's actual shooting .

Let's take a look at Xingyue 2020 paragraph High-energy version 350T The appearance of the automatic two-wheel drive star driver , The front face of the car looks very full , Smooth lines are used , Plus water ripples in the net , The overall sense of hierarchy is clear .

To the side of the body , The length, width and height of the car body are 4605/1878/1643mm, The wheelbase 2700mm. The side of the car presents a smart design style , Visually smooth and slender . The specifications of the front and rear tires of the car are 245/45 R20, Double five spoke rim design is adopted .

The rear of Xingyue car gives people a very sharp feeling , The exhaust layout uses a two-sided four out design , Match with regular tail lights , It looks very sporty , Very young .

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