SAIC r brand all appeared in Chengdu auto show, and Es33 mass production version will be launched

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saic brand appeared chengdu auto

SAIC official news ,R The car will carry ER6、MARVEL R、ES33 Debut at Chengdu auto show ,ES33 The mass production version will be officially released at Chengdu auto show . The new car is positioned in medium and large-scale SUV, Adopt the design style of avant-garde science fiction , Multiple assisted driving and intelligent cockpit technologies .

aesthetic , The new car has a strong sense of future , The lines of the whole car are very sharp . The slightly forward diving closed front grille looks like a science fiction battle , Penetrating lights with sharp edges and corners on both sides , A large number of triangular elements also make it look very visual impact .

The side of the body adopts a sliding back design , The two-color body creates a suspended roof effect . The front and rear wheel arches have a strong sense of muscle , The large front fender hole also makes it look very sporty .

At the back of the car , The new car adopts the through tail light design . Radiators are vertically arranged on both sides of the rear wall of the new car , The bottom is equipped with a large diffuser , Very sharp .

The digital intelligent cockpit of the new car will adopt PP-CEM Advanced intelligent driving solutions developed . Whole vehicle carrying 33 A high performance sensing hardware , Including lidar 、 Visual camera 、 High precision map 、4D imaging radar 、5G-V2X、 Ultrasonic radar and NVIDIA Supercomputing power chip . It is worth mentioning that , The supercomputing power chip provided by NVIDIA can provide 500—1000 TOPS Computing power .

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