When the 2021 Volkswagen CC arrives at the store, the frameless door is amazing, and the 2.0T has plenty of power. Can it catch fire?

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volkswagen cc arrives store frameless

Models that consumers like , They are basically brands rooted in the hearts of consumers . Like the first luxury first-line brand to enter the domestic market BBA Come on , Its unique model logo is deeply rooted in people's hearts . Estimate every consumer , See its logo , You can think of these luxury first-line brands . FAW Volkswagen is also deeply rooted in China , It also makes every consumer , Have deeply remembered this German brand , And the good car recommendation this time , It's a Volkswagen model :2021 Style VW CC.

Volkswagen's designers in the design of this model , It's also hard work , Its high appearance , Very impressive . And the interior 、 The design of power is also very excellent . The public CC In the design of the front face , The design of multi segment hollow grid is adopted , Its most obvious logo for the public , Inlaid in its middle . Design of double-layer headlamp groups on both sides , Integration with China open , It looks very sporty . The slender air vent design at the bottom of China open , Fused with rectangular diffusers on both sides , It can greatly reduce the wind resistance , Make it run more smoothly .

From the side , Its unique model design , It also adds a sense of movement to the car body . An obvious waistline , From the headlamp , After running through the whole body , It is tightly connected with the tail lamp , Design of waistline , Also elongated the whole body in appearance , Make it look stronger .

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