Latest information! OMG! The car owners said the incense was dead! Ruiji vs Asian Dragon

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In China, the bigger the car, the more popular it is , Whether the space of a car is spacious is one of the main factors affecting consumers' choice of the car , Because behind the handy space is a pleasant ride experience . At the thought of space , Ruiji and Asian dragon have to talk about . Only when you have seen it can you know , Now let's have a look .

models : Ford Ruiji 2020 paragraph EcoBoost 245 4WD Jiaxiang

The guided :20.48 Ten thousand yuan

Sharp edge 2020 paragraph EcoBoost 245 4WD Jiaxiang's front style has taken the sports route , The larger polygonal grille is decorated with chrome trim , In line with consumers' aesthetic .

, Sharp edge 2020 paragraph EcoBoost 245 The interior of 4WD Jiaxiang is mainly black , With silver ornaments , Full of vitality , Stirring the hearts of young people . in addition , The car is equipped with on-board air purifier as standard 、 Front keyless entry function 、 Rear parking radar and other configurations , It's quite functional , This is undoubtedly very friendly to the driver .

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