Wuling journey, for whom

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wuling journey

The launch of the journey a while ago refreshed consumers' inherent cognition about the image of domestic pickup trucks and cheap tool cars . Even if you can't hold it 10 Ten thousand budget , In addition to meeting the needs of daily life , It can still realize the poetry and distance in leisure time , Give Way 「 People Wuling 」 Our slogan has been interpreted again . From beginning to end , Wuling has been rooted in the grass-roots , Constantly cater to the trend of the market, push through the old and bring forth the new .

After half a year , After the pickup journey , Wuling brand new MPV The journey will be on the market in the next month . When it comes to the journey , Actually, a few years ago , Wuling once launched a model called journey , However, trapped by the mediocre response, he had no choice but to leave early , Become a journey classic . This choice makes a comeback , Resurrection journey , Whether Wuling can start a new journey ?

Brand up , Wuling disappointment is greater than hope

Wuling Hongguang has become popular in the domestic market , Make the 「 Wuling shenche 」 said , It has laid the tone for Wuling to continue its upward breakthrough . With years of deep cultivation MPV The accumulated experience of vehicle models , Wuling has to find new ideas after reaching the sales bottleneck , To maintain brand vitality . So Wuling derived Baojun 、 Attempts to upgrade xinbaojun and Yinbiao Wuling , Trying to reverse the image change from Wuling cheap tool car to today's comfortable family car .

But it seems that Wuling's wishful thinking has not really started , In places like Baojun 730 And Baojun 510 After the sales volume experienced a rapid rise and fall , Even the newly evolved Baojun , Or silver standard Wuling with a clear higher-level positioning , Their performance is not satisfactory . Relatively speaking , So far, the models that can make Wuling brush have a sense of existence , In addition to the usual divine car Wuling Hongguang , And the pure electric scooter Hongguang MINI EV. It is worth mentioning that , They are not the products of Wuling brand upgrading era , Hanging is still the familiar red Wuling logo .

To some extent, it shows Wuling brand's high rise and failure . Under the attack of more and more joint venture brands and independent models , For a moment, the price increase caused by Wuling's positioning change is difficult to be accepted by consumers . Fortunately, , Wuling is still working hard , The listing of the second silver standard Wuling model star has been put on the agenda .

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