Based on the excellent combination of luxury, spy photos of tank 500 interior were exposed

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based excellent combination luxury spy

When it was officially announced that its original definition was tanks 600 New flagship SUV The model was named tank 500, Although the name has changed , But this does not seem to affect the car's debut and debut progress , In recent days, , A group of relatively complete interior spy photos of new cars have been exposed on the Internet , It shows great wall's understanding of high-end models , Combine luxury and technology .

It can be seen from the spy photos , The new car adopts the design concept of double large screen system composed of central control suspended large-size LCD screen and full LCD instrument panel , Due to positioning superelevation , It seems that the dashboard does not have a smaller flat design like the coffee series , It's more than... With visual inspection 14 Inch center control screen , Form a strong visual impact , Set a good tone of science and Technology .

And on top of that , The new car uses a very large area of wood grain material to decorate the whole central control table , At the same time, the wood grain patch also tilts up on both sides to form a certain wrapping feeling , The upper part has exquisite air outlet decoration and top table with sewing process , With metallic trim and leather , Door panel covering with wood grain panel , A fairly wide shift area , The unique crystal is the electronic gear lever and the new style steering wheel , It continues the outstanding performance of Great Wall's recent models in creating a sense of advanced design .

In addition, a quartz clock design is faintly visible in the center of the air conditioner outlet , Continued the tank 300 The family design of , Further highlights the sense of luxury . And look back on the appearance , The new car uses a large and super large trapezoidal grille with chrome decoration , Complex multi-layer special-shaped headlamp group , Than tank 300 The slender and wide body with much larger size , And more complex elements such as longitudinal relief tail lights , Combine the tough feeling of the hardline off-road vehicle with the luxury feeling of the Great Wall high-end brand , It seems very domineering .

In terms of motivation , The new car is equipped with its own brand's first 3.0T V6 Turbocharger with 9AT Power gp-transmission , And there are 48V Light hybrid system auxiliary , The most powerful 354 horsepower , Maximum torque 500 Cattle meters , And as a tank model , Tough non load bearing body and professional 4WD system will not be absent . More information about new cars , And it will be released when it appears at Chengdu auto show , How will it perform in the future , It's worth looking forward to .

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