No price increase, 2022 uni-t three new five fold discount

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price increase uni-t uni new

A year after the new car went on sale ,UNI-T Also ushered in a new phase of products . stay 《 One day the store manager 》 In the live show ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Officially listed , A total of 5 Model configuration , The official guidance price and cash remain unchanged, still at 11.59-13.89 Ten thousand yuan .

Add quantity without price ,UNI-T Three new UNI-T Since its birth, it has been “ Future mass production of science and Technology ” Capture thousands of young users in the name of , Among them, the modeling design of mecha style is the first concern .2022 paragraph UNI-T Based on the continuation of family boundless design , The body is equipped with super refined sports , Strengthen the dynamic visual impact . Split LED The headlights shine , Blend with unbounded grid , The grille is built-in and original “ A clover ” Concealed grille lamp , There is an explosion of technology . besides , The new models are also equipped with 20 Inch flexible double five wheel hub , Matte grey banners radiate outward , Exudes athletic charm . In particular ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Added “ Mecha green ” Body color matching ignites the fashion trend , Stimulate the imagination of young users .

In addition to looking new ,2022 paragraph UNI-T It has also been further strengthened in power . The new car is equipped with a new generation of blue whale NE1.5T+ Blue whale 7DCT High efficiency Powertrain , After upgrading, the peak power is increased to 138kW, Peak torque reached 300N·m(1500rpm-4000rpm). Adopt advanced electromagnetic control turbocharging technology , Effectively reduce throttle response delay , So that the rapid power can burst out in an instant . Blue whale 7 The speed wet double clutch transmission has quick shifting action , The process is like running water , Almost no sense of frustration . The upgrade of gold power combination also makes 2022 paragraph UNI-T It has stronger power, more comfortable and fuel-efficient .

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