Can you turn over? BAIC Ruixiang X5 officially launched

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turn baic ruixiang x5 officially

8 month 25 Japan , BAIC Ruixiang's first model BAIC Ruixiang X5 Officially listed , New car launches 10 models , Price range: 7.38-12.38 Ten thousand yuan .

In terms of appearance , BAIC Ruixiang X5 Adopted a new appearance design , The front face adopts a large forward air grille , Straight waterfall grid is adopted inside China Grid , The interior of the sharp headlamp is blackened , The integrated layout is adopted with the front grille . The new brand of BAIC Ruixiang is in the middle of the air inlet grille LOGO, Silver Metallic star shape , Hollow out design is adopted in the middle . In terms of size , BAIC Ruixiang X5 The length, width and height are respectively 4788/1875/1730mm, The wheelbase is 2815mm.

BAIC Ruixiang X5 The decoration adopts a relatively simple design style , Equipped with 10.25 Inch suspended central control screen and 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel , There are also physical buttons under the air outlet of the air conditioner , The overall color will use dark color to enhance the sense of movement . configuration , BAIC Ruixiang X5 Equipped with panoramic images 、 Cruise control 、 Electric rear tailgate 、 One button start 、 Keyless entry 、 Configuration of tachograph, etc . As for motivation , BAIC Ruixiang X5 Will pick up 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 156 horsepower , Peak torque 215 cattle · rice , And what matches that is 6 Speed manual transmission and 6 Speed automatic transmission .

BAIC Ruixiang is a brand new brand , I believe that everyone is relatively new , But it should be familiar to mention BAIC Yinxiang . actually , BAIC Ruixiang is a new brand renamed after the reorganization of BAIC Yinxiang , Adopt a brand new logo , reshine X5 It is the first model of the brand . The data shows , BAIC Yinxiang is a Beijing Automobile Group and Chongqing Yinxiang business group 2011 The automobile company established in ,2014 year 3 In June, BAIC Yinxiang launched BAIC magic speed brand , to 2017 In, BAIC Yinxiang's annual sales volume reached 30 Ten thousand cars , As the market environment changes ,2018 In, BAIC Yinxiang's sales fell sharply , There are also problems in the capital chain , Employees have holidays 、 The news of the shutdown of the factory kept coming out . Although backed by BAIC group , But still can't escape the declining trend of the brand .

2019 year 8 month , Chongqing municipal government and BAIC Motor Corporation have reached 《 Strategic restructuring agreement 》, Decided to carry out strategic reorganization of BAIC Yinxiang .2020 year 9 month , Chongqing fifth intermediate court according to BAIC Yinxiang Automobile Co., Ltd 、 Application of Chongqing BAIC magic speed automobile sales company , Respectively decide to accept the reorganization application .2021 year 2 month , BAIC Yinxiang Automobile Co., Ltd 、 The second creditors' meeting of the reorganization case of Chongqing BAIC magic speed Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. was held on the national enterprise bankruptcy reorganization case information network , Finally, all voting groups passed the draft reorganization plan with a high vote .2021 year 5 month , The fifth intermediate people's Court of Chongqing made a ruling : Approve BAIC Yinxiang Automobile Co., Ltd 、 Reorganization plan of Chongqing BAIC magic speed automobile sales company ; Terminate BAIC Yinxiang Automobile Co., Ltd 、 Reorganization procedure of Chongqing BAIC magic speed automobile sales company ; stay 2021 Chongqing auto show , The new brand BAIC Ruixiang was officially released , At the same time, its first SUV Model Ruixiang X5 Formal appearance . According to introducing , BAIC Ruixiang is from Chongqing 、 Hechuan state-owned enterprises and BAIC group jointly build a complete vehicle manufacturer , Hechuan district is strategically restructured with BAIC Yinxiang 、 BAIC Ruixiang's new car goes offline as an opportunity , Promote the development of automobile industry in the whole region . According to the sky eye information display , BAIC group holds BAIC Ruixiang 25.99% Shares are the largest shareholder , Guokai development fund Co., Ltd. holds 12.65%, Chongqing Yinxiang shares 61.35% Is the actual controlling shareholder .

In BAIC Ruixiang X5 At the offline ceremony , Liao Xionghui, CEO of BAIC Ruixiang, said , In the future, it will import production from BAIC group EU5、EU7、DV611、EV12、 OUHUI bus, etc 5 New energy models ; as well as 2 paragraph SUV、A6 total 3 A traditional energy vehicle . In the launch of BAIC Ruixiang X5 after , It will also be launched successively, including passenger cars 、 A variety of new energy and fuel models including commercial vehicles . From product positioning point of view , BAIC Ruixiang X5 Our competitors include Chang'an Auchan X7(7.77 ten thousand -12.99 Ten thousand yuan )、 Rapid way X70 PLUS(7.70 ten thousand -15.49 Ten thousand yuan ) etc. . As for whether BAIC Ruixiang can get back on track after restructuring and renaming ? Can only wait for the market to give results !

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