The 2022 Toyota Hanlan reach store has more advanced appearance, improved spatial performance and stable power output

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toyota hanlan reach store advanced

Toyota Highlander is a powerful medium-sized automobile owned by GAC Toyota SUV, It is also a domestic joint venture SUV Benchmark models in the model market , Before, GAC Toyota also listed the new Toyota Highlander to improve its competitiveness , At present, new cars have arrived in Huai'an area .

2022 The appearance design of Toyota Highlander is relatively advanced , The air inlet grille is designed to be flat , The surrounding lines describe very smoothly , The lines of the headlight group are relatively straight , The front bumper is decorated with a guard . The side body of the car looks heavy , The waistline is smooth , The rim of the wheel eyebrow is decorated with black trim , The multi spoke wheel hub is very advanced . The style of the tail is very decent , The style of tail lamp group is slender and solid , The high mounted brake light on the spoiler is very slender .

The interior style of the car is younger , The layout of the entire center console is very fashionable , The suspended central control screen is wide and solid , The multi-functional steering wheel has a comfortable grip , There are many physical keys in the car , The seat filler is soft , The ride is very comfortable .

The car is equipped with 2.5L+ Power assembly of motor , The match is E-CVT transmission , The power output is very smooth .

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