The 2021 model mingjue 5 arrives at the store, with advanced gray coating, very fighting in front, and the price has dropped!

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model mingjue arrives store advanced

Mingjue has performed quite well in the market in recent years , Many of its models have become more young and sporty , mg 5 It's a very powerful family car , After the car entered the market, its performance was very satisfactory , Recently, the author visited a local shop in Yantai , Learned about the relevant preferential information .

2021 A famous baron 5 The appearance design of sports fashion , The style of air intake grille is exaggerated , The straight waterfall Chinese open looks more advanced , The lines of the headlight group are clearly described , The front bumper is solid . The side body of the car looks more relaxed and smooth , Keep the waistline at an angle , The multi width wheel hub has a certain sense of movement . The style of the tail is more attractive , The design of tail lamp group is round and solid , The double side single out exhaust pipe is very flat .

The car's interior style is very sporty , Keep the center console tilted at a certain angle , Piano like physical keys are equipped , The multi-function steering wheel moves sideways , The shift lever is very thick , The one-piece seat is quite advanced , The space in the car is very good .

The car is equipped with 1.5L、1.5T The engine , The match is 5MT、CVT、7 Wet double clutch gearbox .

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