Uni-t small changes listed, with this appearance can still play for three or five years

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uni-t uni small changes listed

This morning, , Changan Automobile high-end product series UNI, With 《 One day the store manager 》 The form of star variety show , by 2022 paragraph UNI-T Held a vivid creative conference . In the country 400 Many media and UNI Under the witness of users ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Officially listed , Introduction 5 Model configuration , Official guidance price range 11.59-13.89 Ten thousand yuan .

As a high-end product series of Chang'an Automobile UNI The first model of ,UNI-T since 2020 year 6 It has become compact since its launch in January SUV Hot money in the market , It's hard to find a car in the early stage of listing , Sales are rising rapidly , Up to now, the cumulative sales volume has reached 11.44 Thousands of cars . Only in the first half of this year ,UNI-T The sales volume of a single model has reached nearly 4.6 The outstanding achievement of 10000 vehicles .

Yes UNI-T My fans laughed , With this appearance alone, he is three or five years ahead of his opponent !

It's not right , Today's auto market can't adapt to young consumers' demand for intelligence just by appearance 、 Internet connection 、 Entertainment interactive “ Just need to ”. And on the other hand , In the context of the convergence of science and Technology , A popular design , Fully capable of capturing the hearts of the vast majority of consumers .

2022 paragraph UNI-T Based on the continuation of family boundless design , The body is equipped with super refined sports , Strengthen the dynamic visual impact . Split LED The headlights blend with the borderless grille , The grille is built-in and original “ A clover ” Concealed grille lamp , There is an explosion of technology .

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