Destroy the four "cancer" of domestic traffic, expert: if it is not removed, the traffic will only be more chaotic

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destroy cancer domestic traffic expert


Today's society is an era when cars are very popular , It's very convenient and easy for us to buy cars , The price is also very cheap , The car has completely become a means of transportation ! You may not know , China is now the country with the largest number of cars , But what will China's automobile development be like in the future ? in fact , Now young people are running away from cars ! In the post automotive era , Buying a car is not our first choice , The disadvantages of automobile in the later stage are also further revealed !

When we buy a car , We will find that it takes more and more time to get to and from work ! Driving an electric car requires 10 Minutes by car , It takes half an hour to drive a car , This is because the car is in a traffic jam , And to a place , It also takes time to find a parking space , Now the traffic in China has become more and more difficult , It's not very friendly for many motorists : Four major factors affecting China's transportation “ cancer ”, Experts : If not removed , It will only become more and more chaotic in the future !

“ cancer ” One : Unreasonable bid restriction

There are many expressways in China , China's expressways are also very advanced . Nowadays, China's economy is developing very fast , What can represent China's development ? Expressway is the most representative , In the last twenty years , China has built more and more high-speed , We can go wherever we want ! China's high-speed construction speed , Let other countries in the world envy ! All this benefits from China's infrastructure capacity , No country in the world can match !

It is dangerous to drive at high speed , Because there are certain requirements for speed when driving at high speed , Therefore, it is suggested that motorists who have just obtained their driver's license , Try not to get on the highway , When your driving skills are mature , It's not too late to get on the highway ! There are many traffic signs on the highway , It is suggested that you must be familiar with these road signs in advance , If you don't know the road signs , There may be some danger , We're on the highway , Be sure to follow the road signs , High speed also often has signs to limit speed !

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