More than 120000 cars were bought. These three models are reliable, with 2.0T exploding 190 horsepower, strong power and high grade

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cars bought. bought models reliable

There are also many excellent models made in China , In especial SUV, Many people will also be made in China SUV As the first choice to buy a car , This is also expected , After all, domestic cars have gradually changed from the original cost performance to high quality and low price . And for ordinary people , The budget for buying a car is quite limited , A hundred thousand cars are enough . therefore , In this issue, we will introduce three 12 More than ten thousand , Strong power and high grade , A more reliable sedan , I hope it will be helpful to friends who are choosing cars .

The first is BYD's Qin PLUS DM-i.

BYD's new energy vehicles are very good in all aspects , And Qin PLUS It's also a popular model when it comes on the market , In especial DM-i models , Even more difficult to find a car . The guide price of the car 10.58-14.58 ten thousand , The recommended model is 2021 paragraph DM-i 55KM Flagship , The guided 11.98 ten thousand .

The qin dynasty PLUS The appearance of the is still very attractive , There is a high similarity with big brother bydihan , The whole gives people a high sense . The front face adopts the latest design , Dot matrix design is adopted in large-scale irregular medium grid , There should be a stout chrome plated decorative strip on the Chinese net , In the middle is Qin's LOGO, Very recognizable . The side of the car body is smooth and dynamic , Equipped with the 215/55 R17 Inch tire size is not big , However, the multi spoke structure increases the temperament of the whole vehicle .

In terms of size , As a positioning A+ The models , The qin dynasty PLUS The car's captain has reached 4765mm, Vehicle width 1837mm, The wheelbase is 2718mm, Much larger than the mainstream compact sedan , Therefore, space is still very advantageous . height 1 rice 75 The passengers sit in the front row , After the seat is adjusted to the lowest position , Head space nearly a punch , It doesn't suppress . The position of the front row remains the same, and you come to the back , Because of some sliding back design , Head space is a little cramped , Only three fingers , But plenty of legroom , More than two punches . Besides , There are headrests in the middle of the rear row , Although the platform has uplift , But there is plenty of horizontal and vertical space , Feet can be put on , So the comfort is OK .

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