GAC Toyota Saina real picture exposure, take 2.5L hybrid system! It is planned to be officially unveiled at the end of this month

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gac toyota saina real picture

Since Toyota senna (SIENNA) After determining the domestic production , There has been constant news , It has attracted the attention of many consumers . In recent days, , We obtained a group of domestic products through relevant channels Real car map of Saina , From the information shown on the picture , The appearance of the new car basically follows the shape of the overseas model , It's very interesting . It is reported that , GAC Toyota Saina plans to open at the end of this month 2021 Officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show .

aesthetic , The new car continues the design of overseas models , Adopt Toyota's latest family design language , Compared with the old model, the change is very obvious . The front face of the new car has a rich sense of hierarchy , The lower half uses a large trapezoidal grid , Style with dense horizontal trim . The headlights on both sides are sharp , Further improve the vehicle identification .

Refer to the previous declaration information of the Ministry of industry and information technology , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5180/1995/1765(1786)mm, The wheelbase is 3060mm. The body looks very slender , Stretch the lines , The visual stretching effect is remarkable .

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